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Install now! YouTube Downloader


YouTube video to MP3 Converter

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Video2MP3 is a simple and easy to use online software which can be used to download YouTube videos and convert them into MP3 music files. You don't need any technical knowledge you just need to enter the YouTube link into the first textfield on the page and hit the button next to it.

Video2MP3 got a clear 3D Design which haven't changed over years. The owner of Video2MP3 seems to be Alexander Gosnitz. He is living in Germany - Duesseldorf but a Google search for him doesn't show any results.

When was the service born?

According to their Website (written in the footer) the site was born in 2011. At this time the site was only available in german language and linked to was another online YouTube to MP3 converter. Video2MP3 was sold at this time, according to

How is the Service?

In our test the Website is not able to convert any YouTube video. They used an API of which was closed in 2019, they haven't fixed it by using another service till now. We also offered them to use our service but nobody ever answered our request.

What is the Offer?

The main offer was to convert YouTube videos to MP3 music files and offer them for download. In the past there was the possibility to download MyVideo and Vimeo videos also but it was removed in the latest version of Video2MP3. The whole site could be used in 21 languages.

  1. Simple YouTube Converter

    The video and music downloader is not working now, but in the past it works pretty fast.

  2. Simple User Interface

    The Interface is very simple, you can't do anything wrong, there was only the possibility to convert YouTube videos by enter the YouTube Video URL into the textfield on the homepage.

  3. Translated in a lot of Languages

    The whole site can be used in 21 languages but the most used one was for sure english.

Convert2MP3 is an alternative to

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