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MP3Juices is currently the biggest MP3 searchengine of the world. With only a few clicks you can download, without any technical knowledge, your searched song.

The searchengine got a harmoniously design and guides his visitor easily, through the selection of search sources to the textfield for the searched query and the search button, to the download of a song.

When was the searchengine published?

According to the searchengine was published in 2015. At this time, the original site was taken offline by law. Shortly after this, the current mp3juices took its place and grows to the most popular music download search engine.

How is the quality of this site?

After testing the searchengine we found out that the site is blocked in Germany and Great Britain. Apart from this, the download process is working like a charm. It's also possible to download YouTube videos that are blocked in your country.

What is the offer of Mp3juices?

Next to the simple searchinterface of the site, you can choose between 6 different search sources which will be searched for the wanted song. After the search you can choose if you want a MP3 music file or a MP4 movie file. It's also possible to send the song directly to dropbox and stream it on all your devices.

  1. Search for a song on different sources

    You can choose between 6 different search sources. If you choose no source, it will automatically search on YouTube and Soundcloud for your wanted song.

  2. Simple User Interface

    The user interface is free of errors and guides you easily through the search process to your first download.

  3. Save files in your Dropbox

    Save your found song directly in your dropbox. So you can stream it to all your devices.

  4. Blocked in some countries

    The searchengine is unfortunately not available in Germany and Great Britain.

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You can do everything you want to with MP3Juices with our service even faster and more professional. You can directly convert YouTube Videos to MP3 or MP4 and also search for songs. Visit to our homepage and try it out!

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