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Install now! YouTube Downloader


One of the most successful and popular online YouTube to MP3 Converter

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FLVTO is currently the most popular and successful YouTube converter of the web. The developer of FLVTO seems to be from Russia and also operate the site which is also very popular.

Because of the harmony of design, functionality and marketing, it seems that multiple people working on FLVTO.

When was FLVTO born?

According to their Facebook Profile the site was created in 2011 and had an exemplary journey since then. The site continuously get updates in usability and design - so it's never getting old.

Is it Legal?

In 2018 the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) started a legal process agains FLVTO in case of copyright infringement. The RIAA maybe thought that FLVTO will not responding to the accusations and they will win the fight without any trouble. But FLVTO hired a whole legal team of US lawyers to fight against the accusations of the RIAA. In 2019 FLVTO won the legal proceeding against the RIAA. So the service of FLVTO is still legal.

What is the offer of FLVTO?

At first point FLVTO offers an online tool to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 music. They also offer a Browser Addon and two Desktop applications that also download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3. Except the Desktop applications, all services of FLVTO are free to use. The Desktop applications stop working after 3 downloads and you need to buy a license key.

  1. Online YouTube converter and downloader

    The Online Video Converter is easy to use und completely free. The service is financed by advertisings. If you use an AdBlock you will be ask to deactivate it.

  2. Browser addon to download YouTube videos

    The Browser addon will add two download button to YouTube so you can download the videos as Video or Music directly on YouTube.

  3. Desktop Applications

    The Desktop applications can be used 3 times for free, after that you need to buy a cheap license key. You can choose between a license key for 3 months, 12 months or forever. All the license keys are very cheap and you just need to buy it one time - there is no subscription model.

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